Grid issues at Turitea/Puketoi and other serious matters raised by John Adams

Puketoi Geotechnical

Serious grid issues raised by John Adams.

(Note none of the opposing submissions were ever made public. Mighty River Power publicly stated that they did not want to make the same “mistakes” as made at Turitea.) 

.Oral presentation Puketoi 3 April 2012 – John Adams

Letter from Transpower – click to enlarge

letter to Transpower 1 April 2012 (1)

Letter to Hon. T. Ryall 3 April 2012

letter to transpower 10 MARCH 2012

A summary of the serious faults in the Turitea decision. Note Turitea and Puketoi are linked wind farms. 

letter to Rt Hon John Key and Ministers


Mighty River Power committed perjury over the issue of Puketoi transmission lines to Turitea on PNCC land

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